The outline is expanding scene by scene (jotted down 17 yesterday - didn't write them, just noted what they would be) and last night (just before bed which is always the way) I finally figured out why Niall would have been sent on such a detail on his own - it's a punishment for not playing well with others. So I can incorporate that into the scene list/ layout.
My outline this time has a mongrel pedigree - I've read bits from Alexandra Sokoloff's blog on the three act structure; Lynn Viehl's (Paperback Writer) blog posts on Quantum Writing (1 and 2) as well as other bits and pieces filtered from the intarweebs and am using those pointers to help build the skeleton. We shall see!

The short story is in the mail so I can forget about that for a bit and get back to the novel which nearly had a fatal pause last November. I'm 72,000 words in and only half-way along which means that there will be a significant amount of hack 'n' slash revising it from Draft One to Draft 2. I'm aiming for a draft one completion date of no later than mid-September - the new semester starts then and I'll barely have time to sleep, let alone do anything else for a month/ six weeks. Revisions have a tentative date of the start of December, but we'll see how the day jobbe workload goes - it may be possible to start a bit earlier than that.

In other's raining! Yes! Actual water FROM THE SKY. I am (no doubt temporarily) free from the tyranny of the watering can. This is good; the garden is not large but even so it takes a lot of watering cans to get round it because I seem to have cleverly planted lots of water hungry plants and trees in pots. ::sigh::

In other other news: I am listening to Rasputina. This came about as a recommendation (and I can't remember who that was - sorry) and then in a burst of synchronicity [personal profile] matociqualablogged that she was just off to one of their concerts so I decided to check them out and downloaded a couple of tracks from iTunes: Sweet Sister Temperance; Holocaust of Giants; Snow-Hen of Austerlitz. I may go back and get the rest of the album though because I like what I hear.


Jeff Vandermeer's blog is being updated regularly by rachel_swirsky with news from Launchpad 2010

via sartorias Co-evolution and speculation about ways and means, by Judith Tarr - like sartorias, I communicate with the collies and the cat all the time so this makes very interesting reading.

Mike Brotherton has a list of online astronomy resources for writers

Thanks to a recommendation by Mark Newton I have been listening to Divenire by Ludovico Einaudi - a collection of piano pieces that are so fantastic and sweeping that I've had it on repeat since I downloaded it from iTunes on Saturday.
Einaudi is an amazing composer and pianist (I already had the album Echoes, bought because I initially wanted a couple of tracks and ended up loving the whole thing) and his music is incredibly moody; not in the sense of being dark and angst-ridden, rather, in the sense that it can inspire moods as all the best music can. It can uplift you, make you contemplative or imagine you're on the prow of a huge sailing ship ploughing through the waves. Wait, maybe that's just me?

It also makes me wish I'd never stopped playing the piano, or that I knew how to dance, but I did and I don't so I shall have to do what I always do with music: use it to relax, to recharge the mental batteries and to provide an avenue to daydream down, to fuel the scenes in my head by giving them their own music as they play out.

What do you use music for? Daydreaming? Blocking out the world? Background as you write/ paint/ read?

Holiday over - back to the grindstone. (The updating of publications...oh, the glamour)
I had a nice relaxing time off; read a lot, wrote a bit, went and saw Harry Potter (not bad, but it lacked the zoom zoom pace of Order of the Phoenix - bit of a filler, I think.)

Fiona Glass
has been doing posts on people's desks up on her blog. Mine went up on Friday and you can take a look at it here.

meta_writer are starting a new series of Back to Basics (of writing) posts today, and these will run until the 28th of July, so go along and check them out/ comment.

The as yet untitled YA urban fantasy is jogging along (although, as ever, it's started in the wrong place, but that's what revisions are for, eh?)

I'm aiming for a first draft finish date of 7th October. We shall see.


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