The short story is in the mail so I can forget about that for a bit and get back to the novel which nearly had a fatal pause last November. I'm 72,000 words in and only half-way along which means that there will be a significant amount of hack 'n' slash revising it from Draft One to Draft 2. I'm aiming for a draft one completion date of no later than mid-September - the new semester starts then and I'll barely have time to sleep, let alone do anything else for a month/ six weeks. Revisions have a tentative date of the start of December, but we'll see how the day jobbe workload goes - it may be possible to start a bit earlier than that.

In other's raining! Yes! Actual water FROM THE SKY. I am (no doubt temporarily) free from the tyranny of the watering can. This is good; the garden is not large but even so it takes a lot of watering cans to get round it because I seem to have cleverly planted lots of water hungry plants and trees in pots. ::sigh::

In other other news: I am listening to Rasputina. This came about as a recommendation (and I can't remember who that was - sorry) and then in a burst of synchronicity [personal profile] matociqualablogged that she was just off to one of their concerts so I decided to check them out and downloaded a couple of tracks from iTunes: Sweet Sister Temperance; Holocaust of Giants; Snow-Hen of Austerlitz. I may go back and get the rest of the album though because I like what I hear.


Jeff Vandermeer's blog is being updated regularly by rachel_swirsky with news from Launchpad 2010

via sartorias Co-evolution and speculation about ways and means, by Judith Tarr - like sartorias, I communicate with the collies and the cat all the time so this makes very interesting reading.

Mike Brotherton has a list of online astronomy resources for writers

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