Today I'm feeling cold and sorry for myself. I started to get a sore throat on Wednesday and now I've got the head cold from hell (why do they always go to my head?) and I'm sitting on my bed sharing the hot water bottle with my cat. One of the collies is sleeping at the other end of the bed making me feel tired with her delicate snoring. (But, as a bonus, at least I'm not having to convince the cat that sitting on the laptop's a bad idea - she thinks the hot water bottle is much better for resting on.)

I'm off to collect my car from the garage in a bit (health check) and I shall swing by the chemist and get some lovely wild berry and hot orange Lemsip to attack the lergy with. The thing about the hot orange flavouring is that it reminds me of being a kid in the winter and my mum would make me squash with hot water in. Nice memory to have when you're feeling lergyfied and in the doldrums.

Any minute now I shall leap into action. Leap! I tell you.

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